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I have been extremely lucky meeting Mr. Steven Smith at "The Alternative" who uses electromagnetic methods to diagnose diseases and treat his patients.
This new method seems to work very well. Mr. Smith confirmed all my already known problems and found some new issues I was not previously aware of.
I came to the office five times during November-December 2012 and this made such a difference in my condition!

  • My main problem is Rheumatoid Arthritis which I have been battling for 32 years already. Before coming to Mr. Smith I barely managed to move around the house and was preparing myself for the knee replacement surgery in December of 2012. After the very first treatment my walking abilities increased tremendously, and then, after the fifth one I decided to postpone the surgery. Now, after two weeks since the last treatment I can take up to 700 m walk into the park and back home. I also keep a healthy lifestyle managing my meal habits and exercising daily.
  • One more problem that badly bothered me were annoying cough and itchy throat due to the high acidity level in my stomach. Some days I could not stop coughing for hours... I did not get any relief right after the first treatment, but now, two month since then, everyone in my family including myself notices the difference. Heartburn has gone completely and I feel much better than before.
  • Strong migraines were another of my problems within last 4 years. Steven found it was related to a gallbladder condition. I had stones/sand issue from my gallbladder long time ago but never considered these two issues related. During the treatments my gallbladder was finally brought to a healthy condition and I have had no migraines for two months so far...

I wish to thank Mr. Steven Smith for long hours he spent on my treatments, for his knowledge and expertise in this new but promising field of alternative medicine.

I would like to wish happy Holidays and prosperous New Year to Mr. Smith and his family.
Thank you very much!

Truly Yours,

Dear Steven,

Thank you for the time and energy you dedicate towards people's health :)
And here is my report on the second treatment.
I did not notice anything special during the week, but can tell you for sure, that improvements I have got after the first treatment are still there.
My ability to walk increased pretty much, that makes me happy as I can walk alone to the nearest park and store (500m and 200m distance accordingly).
My energy level seems higher then before, I do not feel tired all the time as used to.

Thanks again for your help Steven :)

Have a Great Day,

Dear Steven,

Thank you so much for the time you spent for diagnostic and treatment sessions I received last week in your office.
Your system managed to confirm all my previous health issues and pointed onto something new I was not aware about.

The first treatment worked well and this is what I noticed:

  • on the first day after the treatment my energy level went up, I felt fresh and tireless;
  • as you know, I have over 32 years history of rheumatoid arthritis with severe damaged knee joints. But since the treatment day (for more then a week) my knees feel much better, their bending abilities have increased, I can walk longer without my cane.
  • I usually have annoying cough and clean my throat often because of the acid coming fromstomach. This week I noticed that the irritation as well as the heartburn went slightly down.
  • for several years I have had unpleasant feeling in front of my neck around thyroid area. Doctor told me there is no danger, but I always knew where the thyroid is. Two days ago I noticed this feeling is not here anymore.

Thanks a lot Steven for the opportunity to feel better :)

Truly Yours,

Hi Steve,

Thanks so much for fixing my skin. I can't believe that it is actually getting better. Florida will be the test.
I am planning to come for the next treatment on Friday November 23 at 11:00. Please confirm that this is o.k.
Until then stay well and remember that we love you.

XX Gisela ( also for Gord)

Hello Steve,

Thanks for all the things you do for my health. I am soooooooooo glad that we found you.
I can not make a Friday before November 20.
How about booking the 20th for 11:00am.
See you then and thanks for giving my cold a real good shake. it feels a lot better.

Hope Florida will do the Rest.
XX Gisela

Hello Steve,

After our first meeting I noticed an improvement right away. After our second appointment I got sick so I assume there was no improvement. Man was I wrong. It hit me later in the week that my appetite was better. I tend to get hungry often due to low blood sugar. I am always hungry and morph into a cranky bitch if I don't eat ASAP. I have I diet I'm suppose to follow to regulate my sugar but it sucks. Anyway, this week, I was able to go more than three hour without eating. And when I did get hungry, I wasn't cranky. I didn't have headaches or heart palpitations. Don't know what you did but this is freaking amazing. See you tomorrow.


Dear Steven,

I want to thank you for the professional and compassionate care you have shown me. I originally visited out of curiosity at a recommendation of a friend. Surprisingly your machine detected that my blood pressure was extremely high and my kidneys were in serious trouble. Here I thought I was healthy, and apart from some arthritic changes and an old tendon injury to my finger had no complaints. You have cured the arthritis in my hip and knee joint and improved even the scar tissue developed on my injured finger. My blood pressure is almost at normal range thanks to some dietary changes and improvement of my kidney function . I can only recommend you and your wonderful ‘machine’, as I love the fact that diagnosis and treatment are totally un-intrusive.

Karin W

Hi Steven!

So here's a 3 day update.

My stomach was a bit upset when I left your office, which is standard for me. The next day, however, was the most pleasant stomach day I've had in possibly 5 years. Yesterday, however, was back to normal with discomfort and frequent bathroom visits.

Today seems to be better than most days, though, so I wonder if perhaps my body is just sorting out what we did? Anyways I have seen some improvement.

My nose, and sinus are still much more clear than usual without the use of any nasal spray, despite the cold.

I'm looking forward to our appointment on Monday :)

Have a great weekend!

My ankle has been swollen for a few months now. After yesterdays treatment with you there was slightly less pain going down stairs and the ankle is definitely less swollen. What is very interesting to me is that the dark circles around my eyes are less. I wonder if that is from the work that you did on my jaw. I will get in touch with you after my Yoga teaching workshop to book another appointment.