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Tattoo Removal

Laser Tattoo Removal in Mississauga, ON

Alternative Laser Health in Mississauga, Ontario, provides safe, speedy tattoo removal services through a Q-Switches IPL Laser. This allows us to quickly and safely remove unwanted tattoos of any color with no cutting or stitching, whether they were done by a professional or an amateur.

The Q-Switched Laser shoots an intense beam of light directed at the tattoo. The light beam shatters the ink, breaking it down into manageable particles that are then eliminated by the body’s lymphatic system.

The dye in the tattoo is the only thing targeted by the laser, so there is little risk of damaging or scarring the skin during treatment. Over the course of a short series of treatments spaced six to eight weeks apart, the tattoo will begin to fade and disappear.

Experienced Operators

Our experienced operators have helped people remove many tattoos since we opened. During your treatment, you’ll notice that darker colors like red, black, and blue disappear first, followed by lighter colors like green and yellow. Our years of experience have shown that removal of tattoos done by professional studios takes five to eight treatments, while amateur tattoos take three to five treatments.

Free Consultations

We know money is a concern for many of our patients, so we offer free consultations so that you can learn what it will cost per session. It can take anywhere from three to ten sessions to remove a tattoo, so keep that in mind when we discuss cost. Our new laser is very fast, and our team is very experienced in removing tattoos of all sizes.

Contact us for professional tattoo removal services in a clean, comfortable environment.