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Permanent Makeup

Permanent Makeup in Mississauga, On

Look naturally beautiful at all times. With PERMANENT MAKEUP You will look more polished and feel more confident. Permanent enhancing colours to the skin on the face, lips, and eyelids gives you a great fresh look. At first, permanent makeup results may look strong. The color will soften within a few days.

Permanent Makeup Process

Permanent Makeup is a form of tattooing (also known as micropigmentation). It is not the same tattoo process used on arms, back and other body parts. Choose PERMANENT MAKEUP as a time saver or if you have physical difficulty applying regular, temporary makeup. Permanent Makeup is also adjunct to reconstructive surgery of the face or breast, imulaM natural pigmentation. If you lost your eyebrows to alopecia (a form of hair loss), or you have vitiligo of pigmentation in skin, Permanent Makeup helps camouflage the condition.

Eyebrows will appear very dark the first few days. They will change to a lighter colour after the first week. Learn more about permanent lip enhancement too.

Try A Permanent Makeup Consultation Session

It's a good time to go with a friend for moral support and to see how the procedure works in our sterile facilities. We have a very relaxed and open atmosphere and welcome your visit. It is important to look your best at all times. No time to get ready? The work is done for you with beautiful eyebrows ready to go!


How does it Work?

We begin with a private consultation with our experienced makeup artist. This session is complimentary. There is no charge for your initial consultation. You will be provided with step by step details of the process; answering all your questions. Permanent Eyebrows is the most popular process we provide by our professional makeup artists. It is very popular with people that have thin or irregular eyebrows.

The first session may takes 30 and 120 minutes. You will get use a local anesthetic to numb the area being tattooed. Just like any tattoo, the color will appear brighter or darker at first. The colour will fade within a week. The area will be swollen for 2-5 days and will crust over. The swelling and crust will diminish very quickly. Additional sessions for permanent eyeliner are usually done for a complete enhanced eye makeup process. Touch ups are usually required 3-5 years after the first application.

What is involved?

    During the procedure, a needle that is connected to a small machine with tubes containing dye pierces the skin repeatedly-an action that resembles that of a sewing machine. With every puncture, the needle inserts tiny ink droplets. The process is carefully and slowly done with our licensed, trained professionals.

    Who should consider Permanent Makeup?

    Anyone who wants to improve their physical appearance, emotional well being, and boost their confidence.

    Bring About "Less Stress" in your Life

    We all know our lives are busy and demands on our time are very high. With permanent makeup we can take away some of the stress of preparing ourselves for the day. Meeting and greeting people. People with busy schedules, long commutes and numerous commitments appreciate the benefits of permanent makeup. If you have arthritis, Parkinson's disease or any type of situation where you will have trouble applying makeup, this is the perfect solution for you. Men have treatment as well to enhance their appearance. You find in time that will say to yourself, "Why didn't I do this sooner?"